Pace yourself ♥ Celebrate Safe

After a way too long pause we’re finally back on the dancefloor!

We can’t make up for lost time but Unity and Celebrate Safe have teamed up once again to make sure this year’s events and festivals will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Check our tips and let’s give the nightlife a legendary kickstart!

NEW! Living abroad and planning to party and drink alochol or use cannabis or other drugs in Amsterdam? Check out the new ‘Partying in Amsterdam’-tool!

Prepare ♥ Be at your best

A little preparation will help you make sure you will enjoy to the max:

  • Get enough sleep and eat extra healthy things the days before you party.
  • Make sure your fridge is filled with tasty and healthy food for the day after.
  • Check whether you still have your earplugs and whether they still fit properly or buy a new set with music filter to protect your ears. More info on
  • By the way..condoms also have an expiration date..
  • Make a plan in advance about how to get home safely. Are you taking the taxi? Is there a Bob? Do you take the shuttle bus? Check with your friends what they are up to and make agreements about what you will do if someone wants to go home earlier.

Just say Know ♥ Inform yourself

Alcohol and other drugs

Be drink and drug aware – don’t overdo it.

The use of alcohol or other drugs always carries risks. Inform yourself about the risks and how you can limit them. Check Unity online or if they’re around have a chat with the Unity volunteers.

Living abroad and planning to party and drink alochol or use cannabis or other drugs in Amsterdam? Check out the new ‘Partying in Amsterdam’-tool!

Drug policy 

Bringing drugs into a club or a bar is prohibited. You’ll be searched by security staff at the entrance. If you’re found to be carrying drugs, you could be handed over to police. Visitors from abroad should keep in mind that most venues other than coffeeshops do not allow soft drugs to be consumed on their premises. In other words, there’s a chance you are not allowed to bring cannabis. Make sure you check the house policy!

New alcohol law

A new alcohol law has been in place since 1 July 2021. Alcohol was already not allowed to be sold to visitors under the age of 18. But if you are under 18, you can now also be fined if you buy, carry or accept alcohol from someone else. In addition, someone over 18 who buys alcohol for someone under 18 is also punishable.

Ignore streetdealers 

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, it’s a fun, free-spirited city. But, like in any other city, it’s important to be street smart.  Ignore street dealers. See this page for more information 

Drug checking

The strength of illegal drugs can vary enormously. Be aware that in the Netherlands, drugs can be a lot more potent than those you might be used to in your own country. In addition, there are currently many risky high-dose XTC pills in circulation. Make sure to keep this in mind. Get your drugs tested and adjust your dosage. This reduces your likelihood of having a bad time or needing medical help.

  • Check Unity for drug checking service info, addresses & opening hours in English.

Stay informed

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Pace yourself ♥ Take things slowly

It’s been a weird year for everyone, might take some time to get used to big crowds and sweaty dancefloors. This means it’s even more important to pace yourself.

  • Take breaks having fun relaxing and chatting with friends or making new ones.
  • Stay hydrated, be careful about over hydrating if you are taking ecstasy/MDMA as this can cause problems. A glass an hour is enough!
  • Make sure you eat something to supply your energy and salt levels.

Better safe than sorry ♥ Less is more

We’ve all had a lengthy break from partying, be aware that your tolerance levels might have reduced. This increases the risk of drinking or taking too much resulting in feeling unwell or even needing medical help. So go slow. We all missed partying, but don’t try to make up for lost time by overdoing it. Chances are that you won’t be able to remember much of those legendary parties later on.

So now perhaps more than ever: Less is more!

Read more about how to reduce alcohol and other drugs related harm.


Think for yourself ♥ Care about others

Look after your friends and be a friendly face in the crowd.

Arranging a meeting point with friends immediately after arrival is always a good idea.

If you don’t feel safe or feel unwell or if you see someone you don’t know who looks like they are being harassed, struggling or in need of some help ask if they are okay.

Never leave someone alone when they are feeling unwell.

Get medical help and stay with them until it arrives things not okay, or are you in doubt or concerned?

  • Ask club or security personnel for help or drop by the emergency room if there is one.
  • If it is an emergency or you are not sure about it and you are not at a party: always call 112.
  • Be honest about whether drugs have been used. The use of drugs is not punishable in the Netherlands and that is how they can help you best.

Love your body ♥ Take time to recover

No matter how much energy you have saved recently, at a certain point your battery is simply empty and your body needs to rest. Know when it’s time to go to sleep and take extra care of yourself the following days:

  • Treat yourself to healthy food and tasty smoothies
  • Give yourself time to recharge
  • Restore your sleep rhythm