Think for yourself, care about others

Please take care of yourself, watch out for each other, and know that you can find help all around you. If you see someone who needs medical attention or just a helping hand, keep the positive vibe alive and be a friend to a friend in need.    

Using alcohol or other drugs is never without risks

If you choose to use alcohol or other drugs, please do so responsibly and consciously.  

Bringing drugs into a club, bar or festival is prohibited. You will be searched by security at the door. If you’re found to be carrying drugs, it will be taken from you or you might be removed from the venue and even handed over to the police. Most venues other than coffeeshops do not allow soft drugs to be consumed on their premises. Always check the venue’s door policy.  

Even though possession of drugs is illegal in the Netherlands, it is possible to get your drugs tested anonymously at an official drug checking service. Please inform yourself and visit unity.nl/eng 

I love my ears

Good music makes good life! Would you like to enjoy music for the rest of your life? Be gentle to your ears. Don’t stand too close to the speakers, give your ears a break once in a while and wear earplugs with music filter. Visit ilovemyears.com for more info.  

Take a break to cool and chill

Cool down and take regular breaks from dancing.  Have fun relaxing and chat with your fellow partygoers. Drink some water (but don’t overdo it, a glass an hour is enough!)  Eat to supply your energy and salt level. This will help to keep your body temperature at normal levels and allows you to party a lot longer.   

Know your limits and respect those of others

Whether it concerns the use of alcohol or other drugs, a flirt or going home at a certain time: Celebrate, dance, be wild, but within your own limits and with respect for those of others.

Enjoy safe sex without regrets

Not going home alone? Made a new friend, did you? Good for you but stay smart and be wary of taking strangers back to your home or hotel room. Make sure a friend knows who you’re with and where you are and always, always use condoms. 

Security & crew will keep you safe

The crew of the party of club is there for your safetyIn case of harassment, a fight, a medical incident or if you are yourself not feeling well, warn security or other staff. Even though security is sometimes strict and even if someone from the crew seems busy, they are there to help you and to help create a safe space. 

The first aid team is your friend

If you or one of your friends is not feeling well, don’t be afraid to visit the First Aid or any of the venue’s staff. The people there are professionals and everything you tell them is confidential. If you are not at an event. Call 112! You will not get fined or arrested for drug use in the Netherlands.    

Get home safe: grab a ride

Enjoy your party and don’t forget about how to get back home. Don’t drink, drug and drive. Be careful & stay focused! 

Love your body: take time to recover

No matter how much fun partying is, at some point your battery will be low and your body needs some rest. Sleeping is necessary to recover. Take good care of yourself the day after. Treat yourself to a nice breakfast, some snacks and time to chill. Give yourself time to recharge.